You should have recently received a new chip enabled debit card which replaces your existing card. This card is more secure and must be activated. Your existing card will no longer function after Oct 15th.
Expedite processing, expense management, and information access. With First State Bank payables services, you can minimize costs to improve your bottom line.  Our commitment to technology delivers results – increased efficiency and usability to meet your critical cash management goals.

ACH Services
  • Safely and efficiently move money through the Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Reduce expense and errors by eliminating paper-based transactions
  • Ensures secure and accurate processing of files such as payroll direct deposit, pre-authorized payments, tax payments and cash concentration

Wire Transfer Services
  • Quick and secure transfer of funds from one financial institution to another (in the US)
  • Easily initiate one-time or recurring transactions for same day settlement
  • International wires also available by contacting First State Bank

Positive Pay
  • Highly effective anti-fraud tool for check disbursements
  • Guards against financial loss associated with unauthorized, counterfeit or altered checks
  • Automated service that saves time and money in the event of fraud

Additional Services
  • Basic Online Banking functions
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Account Alerts
  • Electronic Statements
  • Automated Stop Payments
  • CD Statement Delivery
  • Bounce Protection overdraft privilege (for qualifying accounts)
  • ReSubmitIt©  Check Collection Service
  • Night Depository